Camp Merritt Post 21

American Legion Post 21 HALL Rental Agreement

For Hall Located at

        75 Legion Drive, Cresskill, NJ 07626


In consideration of receiving the sum of $ 200.00 Reservation Deposit, the American Legion authorizes:

The rental of the hall to_______________________  _____________                 (Lessee)       On_______________ 202__       (Date)

 Between the hours of _______________________________ to ___________________             

                                                     The purpose of this rental is ___________________________. Will alcohol be served?  Yes ____ No ____

1. Payment. A $200.00 Reservation Deposit is required upon signing this agreement to reserve the Hall. The Security Deposit of $300.00 shall be made at least seven (7) calendar days before the event.  Otherwise, only cash or money orders will be accepted.  Payments are to be made payable to "American Legion Post 21". Credit cards are not accepted.

2. Cancellation. Fourteen days advance notice must be provided for cancellation of this agreement. If cancellation is timely made, all deposits made under this agreement shall be returned to the Lessee.  If cancellation is untimely, the Lessee's Reservation Deposit will be forfeited to the American Legion and any Security Deposit provided to the American Legion will be returned to the Lessee.

3. Security Deposit. In the event of damage to the hall or its facilities, or other costs incurred due to the Lessee's violation of this agreement, the American Legion shall deduct the cost of said damage from the Security Deposit. The Security Deposit does not represent a limitation of damages that can be claimed by the American Legion. The Security Deposit will be sent back to the Lessee within five (5) calendar days after the event, provided there is no basis for withholding said deposit.  If no damage is incurred the security deposit will be deducted from the final bill.


4. Use of Hall.  Lessee shall be responsible for maintaining good order and conduct of persons using the facility during the time of occupancy. Artifacts, photos, or any other American Legion possessions, are not to be disturbed in any fashion.  Nothing is to be attached to the wall, doors, chandeliers or any other part of the hall. No use of scotch tape, tacks, etc. is permitted. No streamers or posters, no erecting of band platforms or other miscellaneous creations.  


Decorating of Tables only.  If table decorations include confetti-like materials (stars-glitter, etc.) then an additional charge of $50.00 will be incurred and deducted from the security.  Children are not to wander around the facilities such as the kitchen, hallways, members’ bar, parking lot, and back yard unless accompanied by an adult.  Children are not to play with the banquet hall shades.  If you require them to be opened or closed, a responsible adult must do this or request the bartender to do it for you.

Lessee shall dispose table trash in proper receptacles, including any food, paper plates, cups, napkins, plastic tablecloths, etc.  Rented linen tablecloths and napkins can remain on the tables.  All items of the Lessee must be removed by the termination of the contact time.

5. Conduct of Lessee and Guests. The Lessee must comply with all Federal, State, and local Ordinances, including the Alcoholic Beverage Control laws. No alcoholic beverages shall be served to minors under the age of 21 years.  Our serving bar tender will require identification of proof of age if there is a doubt. There will be no unattended children playing inside or outside the Hall. No sale of alcohol by Lessee is allowed. The American Legion is not responsible for any articles left, lost or stolen from the Lessee or guests before, during, or after the contracted event. The American Legion is also not responsible for any injuries resulting from Actions of the Lessee or persons attending the event, and as such, the Lessee shall hold the American Legion harmless for any claims, demands, suits, loss, damage or personal injury resulting thereof.


6.Use of Kitchen. If agreed the rental party can use our kitchen at a cost of $50.00. All warming in the ovens must be on a sheet tray in case of spillage during warming. (We will provide the sheet trays) the kitchen must be left in a clean condition. The kitchen is only for organizing food and warming of food. Absolutely no cooking is to be done.

The cost for the kitchen use will be deducted from your deposit.


7. The American flag and post flag must remain in the banquet hall. We will grant permission, upon request, to move the American flag to another position in the hall, but it must always be visible. During the Christmas Holidays we have a Christmas tree in the hall. At your request, we will move it to another place within the hall.






Additional Information.

1. Persons renting the hall must be 21 years of age.

2. Hall can only be rented up to 11pm.

3. Reservation Deposit $200.00 to hold the date.

  Security Deposit required: $300.00.

  Deposit will be returned after a member of the Post inspects the hall and ascertains that no damage is found,  

  If damage is found repairs will be applied to your final bill.

4. Pictures on the banquet wall are not to be removed and anything hung in their place.

5. If table decorations include confetti-like materials (stars-glitter, etc.) are used then an additional charge of

  $50.00 will be incurred and deducted from the security deposit.

6. The following can be provided at an additional charge:

  Linen table clothes and napkins can be provided at a cost of $7.00 per round table, $5.00 each for banquet tables. 

  Linens are available in various colors: however, we need advance notice to arrange, minimum one week prior

  to the event.

7. All deliveries must be made from the Legion Drive driveway entrance by the door marked “DELIVERIES”

   Not through the front entrance.

8. No Smoking inside the premises.

  Smoking is permitted outside only in the designated area at the side of the building.

Summary of Fees.

1. Reservation Deposit to hold the date $200.00

  Security Deposit       $300.00

2. Rental fee for five hours is $600.00, any hour after five hours a charge of $125.00 per hour.

3. Cleaning the floor and bathrooms $100.00.

4. The person renting the hall must purchase the liquor from the Legion (See the Attached List).

  We recommend you provide your own water and soda.

5. One bartender is required for 1 to 75 persons. Parties of more than 75 persons, two bartenders are required.  The bartender fee is $75.00 per bartender for five hours.  Over five hours there is a charge of $25.00 per hour.  If no alcohol is being served at your event a Legion Representative ($75) must be in attendance in the hall at all times due to insurance regulations, this is for your safety and convenience. This person will help to serve your soda and water.


Lessee signature: _________________________________Date: _________, 202__

   Address:____________________________________        City: ________________________  Zip code:  ________________          

   Phone Number: ______________________________   E-Mail: __________________________________                            

   American Legion signature: ____________________________________    Date:  ________, 202___

Reservation deposit is due at time of signing of the contract.


Reservation Deposit of $200.00 Received.  Legion representative Please initial: ______     

Security Deposit of $300.00 must be Received 7 days prior to the rental.  Legion representative Please initial:  _______        

Please see additional pages for more information